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Who am I? #

Hi there, I’m Andy Pan in English while 潘建锋 is how my Chinese name spells.

  • 👔 Pronouns: “He” | “His”
  • 🧑🏻‍💻 Programmer
  • 🌏 Open-source software developer
  • ⚡ Go, C/C++, Java, Python, Rust …

Professional expertise #

I initially started my programming journey in college by pitching into C. Later on, I successively engaged in Qt/C++, ASP.NET/C#, PHP/JS/HTML/CSS, Android/Java, Web/Python, etc. I worked for some transnational corporations where I mostly wrote server-side code in C++/Java/Python/Go along with designing backend and full-stack systems as a systems architect.

For the moment, I primarily play with Go and C, and I’ve recently become increasingly interested in Rust and have been getting deep into it. Once in a while, I resort to assemblers to get the job done when I have to. I am the creator and current maintainer of ants - the most widely used goroutine pool for Go and gnet - the fastest and most popular third-party networking framework in Go. In addition to my personal open-source projects, I have also contributed code to many world-renowned open-source projects, such as Go programming language, redis, curl, libevent, libuv, istio, kubernetes, etc.

I have a keen interest in Go, Rust, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Docker, Network (Gnet/Netty/libuv/libevent/gRPC/Thrift/HAProxy/Nginx/Envoy/Traefik, etc.), Service Mesh (Istio/Linkerd/Consul/Maesh), NoSQL (Redis/MongoDB/Elasticsearch/Neo4j/Dgraph/ArangoDB, etc.), Vector Databases (Milvus/Qdrant, etc.), [AI-tech](ChatGPT/Stable Diffusion/Midjourney, etc.)

Visit this for more details.

Writings #

I occasionally post something on my blog, technological articles, reading notes, informal essays, etc., mostly written in Chinese, my first language.

Travel & Photography #

I enjoy traveling around and taking pictures of the landscapes.

Where to reach out to me? #