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Released gnet v1.0.0

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Features #

  • High-performance event-loop under networking model of multiple threads/goroutines
  • Built-in load balancing algorithm: Round-Robin
  • Built-in goroutine pool powered by the library ants
  • Built-in memory pool with bytes powered by the library bytebufferpool
  • Concise APIs
  • Efficient memory usage: Ring-Buffer
  • Supporting multiple protocols/IPC mechanism: TCP, UDP and Unix Domain Socket
  • Supporting two event-driven mechanisms: epoll on Linux and kqueue on FreeBSD
  • Supporting asynchronous write operation
  • Flexible ticker event
  • SO_REUSEPORT socket option
  • Built-in multiple codecs to encode/decode network frames into/from TCP stream: LineBasedFrameCodec, DelimiterBasedFrameCodec, FixedLengthFrameCodec and LengthFieldBasedFrameCodec, referencing netty codec, also supporting customized codecs
  • Supporting Windows platform with event-driven mechanism of IOCP Go stdlib: net
  • Additional load-balancing algorithms: Random, Least-Connections, Consistent-hashing and so on
  • TLS support
  • Implementation of gnet Client