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Released gnet v1.1.0

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Features #

  • Support new load-balancing algorithm of least-connections #63
  • Support new load-balancing algorithm of source-addr-hash #64
  • Add a new API to get the number of currently active connections 5ae4849

Bugfixes #

  • Fix an issue of not recycling byte-buffers 3b6edfd
  • Fix a bug of reading data from the full ring-buffer a9caa26

Enhancements #

  • Improve several methods of ring-buffer 828e845
  • Refine the range indexes when re-slicing 008c0c9
  • Lazily allocate memory for ring-buffers 095ef52

Docs #

Misc #

  • Rename the eventloop_group.go to load_balancing.go 24203f4
  • Add unit test for ring-buffer ecf3473072d1c02ca69b469d24c5581eae041d2f 94246dc