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Released gnet v1.2.0

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Features #

  • Support graceful shutdown with OS signals (Fixes #82)

Enhancements #

  • Improve the creation processes of netpoller (Fixes #72) ccc6c25
  • Reuse slice struct when resetting buffer 916c255
  • Make a big allocation on ring-buffer at the first time 61963bd

Docs #

  • Update Features section in READMEs a0d53f5
  • Add a new article about gnet d500bf4
  • Supplement the missing acknowledgment item b031357

Misc #

  • Enable ReadN(int) to handle corner cases 2e89e25
  • Leverage reviewdog as automated code review tool 5db42f9
  • Use customized logger to log errors instead of std log package 3a69701
  • Remove useless field of server 47817a0
  • Unexport some errors 5287bd8