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Released gnet v1.3.0

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Features #

  • Determine logging mode by environment variable 2a7977
  • Support locking each I/O event-loop goroutine to an OS thread 6fd641

Enhancements #

  • Improve the implementation of Least-Connections load-balancing b6a5f5
  • Speed up the Least-Connections load-balancing b5fbbd
  • Leverage system calls instead of net package to create listeners ccc8c6
  • Refine the logging module f46da4
  • Reorg errors in gnet 1c2f4b
  • Move logging module into internal package 00af50
  • Take off the codec from eventloop bc85c3
  • Refactor for buffer in Conn 455c5a
  • Refactor the load-balancing algorithm of source addr hash abbf58
  • Make channel buffered if necessary 43f93c

Bugfixes #

  • Fix a bug that led to negative counter of sync.WaitGroup on Windows 16ed4a
  • Add ‘windows’ build tag under SO_REUSEPORT mode 7862f3
  • Supplement all the formal protocol formats of TCP and UDP 258253
  • Resolve the issue of closing one fd twice b5a5c7
  • Fix concurrent loopCloseConn causes panic #111
  • Eliminate duplicate calls to loopCloseConn a72f5f

Docs #

  • Add a customized codec example #90
  • Add placeholder for user cases and new relevant article 5197f1
  • Renew results of techempower benchmark 61eee8
  • Add the list of donors 42e04d
  • Add xs:code 33a3e5
  • Build an official website for gnet 49363c
  • Move the majority of content to website and simplify READMEs 903ff8

Misc #

  • Fix a typo and improve code comments 37d75c
  • Use SyscallError to wrap system calls errors c3907e
  • Refine go build tags of operating systems 637144
  • Format copyright info 6872c2
  • Remove all examples from the source-code repo a704e0
  • refine the usage of os.NewSyscallError 2d54d8