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Released gnet v1.4.0

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Features #

  • Support TCP_NODELAY socket option 525df8
  • Implement the lock-free queue for dispatching tasks faster #181

Enhancements #

  • Shrink the ring-buffer for saving memory 14fd04
  • Improve event poll fc042c
  • Improve the buffered channels 83b96e
  • Shrink the poll event list when it need to 158763
  • Improve the I/O in event-loop c554f4
  • Prioritize writable events 0f08c8
  • Make it more robust when running async jobs 6509b8
  • Improve the poller waking logic 4d8acc

Bugfixes #

  • Re-enqueue the subsequent jobs when a error occurs 1af3f6
  • Close and release a socket when error occurs 9d86c9
  • Check outbound buffer in case the socket has been released 035f61
  • Avoid starving sockets e31525

Docs #

  • Enrich the doc about using UDP packets 0047c1
  • Add more user cases of gnet 076b16
  • Update benchmark results 028bab
  • Update the description about ring-buffer 38b086

Misc #

  • Add one more donor 12bfa5
  • Refine code 2aee5a
  • Add comments on those core code 2404ed
  • Refine code and add comments 4ecbc5
  • Add a warning comment for OnOpened 0bddd0