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Released gnet v1.5.0

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Features #

  • Move the logging module out of the internal package and refactor to make it serviceable for users d56606 b6b1cf 8837a9

Enhancements #

  • Support writev and readv in eventloop f299a8
  • Reduce GC pause frequency for Conn.AsyncWrite (#218) 477bb4
  • Improve logging module 8837a9 b6b1cf
  • Refactor the inside AsyncTaskQueue to make it more generic 2d1a46
  • Reduce GC pause frequency for accepting connections 2d1a46

Docs #

  • Add a new user case: Tencent Games b7ea83
  • Add a new donor ee965a

Misc #

  • Add debugging log when error occurs in Accept() #222
  • Make some trivial changes to ring-buffer 1bdd3a