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Released gnet v1.6.0

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gnet client is now available for production! #

Features #

  • Add a new event handler: AfterWrite() 6a654c
  • Implement the gnet client 2295e8 a5ac95 4db46d 802fa3 7159b9
  • Implement writev and readv on BSD-like OS’s 60ba6d
  • Implement a mixed buffer of ring-buffer and list-buffer edbdf4
  • Invoke OnClosed() when a UDP socket is closed 7be4b2
  • Implement the gnet.Conn.AsyncWritev() 9a2032

Enhancements #

  • Prevent the event-list from expanding or shrinking endlessly b220df
  • Reduce the potential system calls for waking pollers up 9ce41f
  • Eliminate the code for preventing false-sharing 0bfade
  • Support so_reuseaddr #280
  • Make several improvements for logger 58d203
  • Optimize the buffer management and network I/O 6aba6d
  • Improve the project layout 2e172b
  • Improve the logic of reading data from socket into ring-buffer a7f07b
  • Get as much data read from socket per loop as possible 148ee1
  • Improve the network read with ring-buffer and readv 0dcf59
  • Avoid memory allocations when calling readv 15611b
  • Refactor the logic of handling UDP sockets d72d3d
  • Make the mixed-buffer more flexible d72d3d
  • Improve the management logic of the mixed-buffer b8d571

Bugfixes #

  • Resolve the data race of stdConn on Windows #235
  • Fix the data corruption in some default codecs a56d2f
  • Fix the issue of panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range 30311e

Docs #

Misc #